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Announcing a landmark partnership between Early Warning Network and Tomorrow.io

Early Warning Network is thrilled to announce a landmark partnership with Tomorrow.io, the global leader in resilience solutions, empowering organisations to thrive in the face of increasing climate volatility through advanced weather intelligence technology. The partnership marks a first-of-its-kind collaboration in Australia, setting a new standard in weather forecasting and risk mitigation services nationwide.


The collaboration between Early Warning Network and Tomorrow.io is set to revolutionise the way Australian businesses manage weather-related risks. Tomorrow.io provides hyperlocal monitoring, automated risk mitigation workflows, and unified threat visibility powered by a growing network of radar satellites – the first of their kind in the world. Enhancing this cutting-edge technology, Tomorrow.io employs proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse data from their satellites. The integration of these technologies will provide Australian customers with unparalleled accuracy and extensive reach, benefitting both the vast, remote regions of the country alongside busier metro environments.

"This collaboration with Tomorrow.io represents a significant leap forward in our mission to provide the most advanced and comprehensive weather monitoring and alerting services in Australia," said Matthew Pearce, Product & Partnership Manager of Early Warning Network. "By integrating Tomorrow.io's world-leading technology into our offerings, we are not only expanding our capabilities but also empowering Australian businesses to proactively manage weather risks with unprecedented precision."

Tomorrow.io's technology is particularly revolutionary for its use of proprietary data captured from space, which feeds into its models to deliver innovative observations and precise measurements. This level of detail and accuracy in weather forecasting opens new doors for industries across Australia, particularly in sectors like transport and logistics, where weather can significantly impact operations.


“We are thrilled to bring Tomorrow.io’s next-generation weather forecasting capabilities
to Australia through this ground-breaking collaboration with Early Warning Network,” said Shimon Elkabetz, Co-Founder and CEO of Tomorrow.io. “By combining our unmatched weather data and predictive modelling with Early Warning Network’s industry-leading alert systems, we will help businesses and communities across Australia get ahead of intensifying climate impact and volatility.”

The partnership has already begun to show success, with new contracts signed within the transport and logistics industry, underscoring the demand and potential impact of this collaboration.

You can find out more about Tomorrow.io's Resilience Platform here, or contact us for a demonstration to find out how superior accuracy, reach, and actionable insights can prepare your business for weather-related operational challenges.

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