Each company faces its own unique set of physical risks.
These can depend on the nature of its business, location of its significant assets, its supply chain, and the dependence of its value chain on conditions affected by climate change.
Could you identify each of those hazards an asset is at risk of?

Climatics gives you a full overview of all the hazards likely to impact your asset, based on historical data you can prepare for the next 5 years by understanding your current day risk.

Climatics 2.0 is due to launch in March 2022. Subscribe here to be on top of the latest news.

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Our alert products have saved customers millions of dollars by providing timely, accurate intelligence.

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Receive customized weather forecasts focused on only the weather you need to know about.

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GIS Platform

Weather and Hazard monitoring platform for organizations wanting 24x7 forecast and observational intelligence.

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Worker Zone Management

Identify immediately, communicate and ensure safety of your workforce from threats.

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Reduce the potential loss and know exactly what insured assets are at risk

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Gain access to our systems and display EWN data directly into your systems using the EWN API.

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Access and use our powerful communication tool to track and inform your staff and/or customers

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Custom Observational Alerting

Know if a particular weather observation has occurred immediately.

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Flood Monitoring

EWN monitors, validates and provides Flood Alerts 24/7