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GIS Platform

Minimise the impact of severe weather hazards to your business with our unrivalled web-based weather and hazard monitoring platform.


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Access timely weather risk data

The EWN Geographic Information System (GIS) enables you to visualise and analyse real-time weather data across Australia & New Zealand, and predict weather impacts on your operations.  With the ability to view all your assets on one screen, overlayed with critical data, you are able to make informed decisions to mitigate risks and optimise efficiency.


Get the insights that matter

The GIS Platform sources live data from multiple sensors around Australia, giving your business the capability to rapidly respond to changing conditions.

Add your fixed and mobile assets, communication routes and areas of operation to gain the ability to monitor live weather radar, observations, alerts and forecasts which may impact operations, allowing you to adjust plans accordingly.

Precision Protection for Your Assets


With our GIS platform, safeguarding your assets becomes intuitive and efficient.
Receive instant reports pinpointing assets at risk from current severe weather and natural hazard warnings. Seamlessly integrate with your In-Vehicle Management System to track the near real-time movements of your mobile assets. Plus, tailor your experience by overlaying data layers, allowing you to focus on specific assets and regions of concern, ensuring you're always a step ahead in proactive management.

protect drivers from severe weather

"EWN takes time to understand what our business needs and are happy to work with us to ensure their technology integrates with our existing systems”.

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Integrate with API

EWN can provide data from our internal GIS Platform via API for the following layers:

  • Severe Weather and Natural Hazard Alerts
  • National EWN High Resolution (Volumetric) Radar
  • 1- & 2-Day Forecast Layers
  • Lightning Strikes
  • Fire Danger Ratings
  • Tropical Cyclone Tracking
  • Rainfall & River Gauges
  • Observations including temperature, humidity, wind, rain and more
EWN Live Hail Alerts

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