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Upon receiving your risks and thresholds to weather events, we will customise and create a forecast that can be sent out daily. Forecasts can be created for events from 1 to 7 days away depending on the event type and your requirements.

For those requiring medium to longer term forecasts, EWN can provide reports either monthly or quarterly with an in-depth review of the current situation and forecast trends for the coming month or quarter.

EWN Meteorologists use the latest high resolution forecasting tools to produce incredibly accurate handmade forecasts which are not computer generated. This removes the errors common with computer generated forecasts that can often cause major disruption to an organisation.

The advantage of EWN forecasts is the ability for them to be colour coded to fit in with your risk levels providing a clear and concise picture of possible impacts. For organisations with large coverage areas, we separate the forecasts into various areas allowing you to visually understand immediately if there are any threats over the coming days to plan for.

In extreme cases during Tropical Cyclones and major weather events, we provide ongoing 3 to 6 hourly forecast and observation updates allowing you to understand in detail if it is safe to operate or not.

Custom forecasts include:

  • Wind speed
  • Rainfall
  • Humidity
  • Hail
  • Temperature
  • Flooding
  • Lightning
  • Dust
  • or any other risks you have
  • Medium and Long Range Weather outlooks
  • All EWN forecasts come with phone support allowing you to speak to a Meteorologist directly during any potential major events.

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    Our alert products have saved customers millions of dollars by providing timely, accurate intelligence.

    Custom Observational Alerting
    Custom Observational Alerting

    Know if a particular weather observation has occurred immediately.

    GIS Platform

    Weather and Hazard monitoring platform for organizations wanting 24x7 forecast and observational intelligence.

    Worker Zone Management

    Identify immediately, communicate and ensure safety of your workforce from threats.


    Reduce the potential loss and know exactly what insured assets are at risk


    Gain access to our systems and display EWN data directly into your systems using the EWN API.


    Access and use our powerful communication tool to track and inform your staff and/or customers

    Climate Risk

    Understand your Climate Risk.

    Flood Monitoring

    EWN monitors, validates and provides Flood Alerts 24/7

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