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Weather & Event Forecasting

Don't rely on general weather forecasts for your business - receive detailed and customised forecasts from Early Warning Network focused on the weather you need to know about, before it happens.

Satellite image of cyclone over Australia

Get the insights you need

Early Warning Network provides accurate daily weather forecasts tailored specifically to your requirements.  By receiving customised weather intelligence, your business will gain a strategic advantage by aligning weather predictions directly with your specific operational needs and vulnerabilities.

Unlike generic forecasts, which provide broad insights, EWN's tailored approach identifies and highlights weather events that could directly impact your business' key functions. This makes weather a variable you can plan for, rather than react to.

weather forecasting by Early Warning Network

Custom Forecasting

Using the latest high resolution forecasting tools, our team specialise in creating personalised forecasting reports for customers who have specific weather risk concerns and alert requirements that are not addressed by traditional forecasting services such as the Bureau of Meteorology. 

We supply customised daily forecasts ranging from 1 to 7 days, ensuring they align seamlessly with your operational and safety requirements. Intuitive colour coding corresponds to your business's risk levels, offering a clear and immediate overview of potential operational impacts.

Along with our reports, we issue unique forecast alerts, based off your business' risks and thresholds for weather events.  

  • Forecasting data sent directly to your business and is available direct through the Early Warning Network API

  • For businesses with expansive operational territories, our segmented forecast approach allows quick identification of threats in distinct zones

Forecasts for every event

Our team monitor weather events 24 hours a day, ensuring our customers are provided with accurate and timely weather intelligence. Daily forecasts can be provided for any weather event, including:

  • Wind Speed
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Rainfall
  • Hail
  • Flooding
  • Dust
  • Medium & long-range weather outlooks

In extreme cases during Tropical Cyclones and major weather events, we deliver ongoing 3 to 6 hourly forecast and observation updates, arming you with the timely information necessary to ascertain operational safety.


EWN offers unparalleled forecasting accuracy and actionable intelligence to transform weather from a challenge into a competitive advantage

The EWN Advantage

EWN Meteorologists use the latest in high-resolution forecasting tools, but what truly sets our forecasts apart is the human touch. Our experts meticulously analyse and interpret data, filtering out the noise often associated with purely computer-generated predictions. This human oversight significantly reduces potential inaccuracies and delivers forecasts that businesses can trust, eliminating disruptions stemming from common automated errors.

Other benefits include:

  • Phone Support from our highly-skilled Meteorological team available during any potential major event

  • In-depth, long-range statistical forecasting of current and future forecast trends for the coming month or quarter
  • Colour-code forecast areas to match your risk levels, providing a clear, user-friendly experience


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