Flood Monitoring

EWN provides a 24/7, 365 day per year flash flood and flood alerting service across Australia whereby we monitor rainfall and water level telemetry, issuing alerts according to pre-set criteria for amounts of rainfall or water level heights.

Using either your own rainfall system (Environment, Floodwise etc) or data from Bureau of Meteorology River and Rain gauges, EWN will work with you to set up pre-determined rain and flood levels trigger points. The trigger points allow EWN to issue a rain or flood alert with colour coding indicating threat level and pre-loaded flood information for members registered for the service.

We provide organisations with the option of either an automatic system that sends as soon as a threshold is reached or a manual filtered system whereby our 24/7 alerting staff will validate the data before sending the alert to ensure no false alarms.

Validation using the manual filtered system is an ultra-quick process whereby our Alerts team will check current observations to determine whether the rainfall/flood notification is correct and should be issued. Observations checked include Hi-Res Radar, Hi-Res Satellite, Lightning & adjacent rainfall.

Our alerting system automatically formats and brands the alert message with your organisation's details and message content for sending via SMS, email, landline (text to voice) or push notification.

Once the alert message is finalised, the message is sent to targeted groups or locations immediately reaching thousands of users within seconds.


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