Our highly experienced in-house EWN Meteorologists and Alert Operators monitor weather events and natural hazards 24x7. We provide alerts to clients who need to know about events before they impact on their locations of interest.

Our alert products have saved customers millions of dollars by providing timely, accurate intelligence to help them prevent potential loss or damage, as well as protecting their people.

Our 24/7 monitoring service ensures staff validate and filter the data before sending to registered users.

This value-add service makes sure that we avoid false alarms and unnecessary duplication, hence we can assure our clients they will receive only the information that matters to them.

This means when a client receives an EWN alert, they know it is actionable intelligence upon which they must act.


Alerts Offered

EWN offers customers 5 different alert types depending on your situation and requirements:

Regional Alerts

Provides alerts for areas of your choice across Australia. Warning data is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology and State Fire Agencies for each State and Territory. The data is processed, filtered and sent by our 24/7 Alerting Team.

Location Alerts

Provides alerts for an exact street address location(s) in Australia. Warning data is sourced and filtered from the Bureau of Meteorology and State Fire Agencies for each State and Territory by our 24/7 Alerting Team.

Custom Forecast Alerts

Provides advanced notice alerts for any thresholds your organisation may have which are not covered by Regional or Location Alerts up to a week before occurring. EWN’s Meteorologists provide custom forecasts in which when thresholds are met, alerts are then sent. These can include Wind, Temperature, Rain, Lightning, Dust etc.

Custom Observational Alerts

Provides alerts to users should any observational threshold be met. These include Lightning, Rainfall, Wind, Flood, Temperature or any bespoke items you require us to monitor and alert for.

Branded Alerting

Branding is able to be added to any of the EWN alerting services (excluding Regional Alerts) with the added ability of being able to add your own information or procedures to the alert content. Branding is currently available for both Email and SMS alert sending methods.

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