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Why Tomorrow.io Is a Game-Changer for Weather Resilience

Weather forecasting is an essential part of daily life and business operations, affecting everything from agriculture to aviation. At Early Warning Network, we are always looking for innovative solutions to enhance our weather forecasting capabilities. This is why we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Tomorrow.io, a move set to revolutionise weather technology in Australia.

But what makes Tomorrow.io different, and how will it benefit Australia?


A Brief History of Tomorrow.io

Did you know that today, 70 years after radar was invented, over 5 billion people still have no access to basic weather forecasts due to insufficient coverage?  

Tomorrow.io was founded with this in mind and with the vision of democratising weather forecasting and closing the global weather data gap. Recognised for its innovative approach, the company has been at the forefront of transforming weather predictions through advanced technologies. Starting as a startup with a bold idea, Tomorrow.io quickly gained attention by offering solutions that go beyond traditional meteorological services.

The company's journey began with developing a software platform that could integrate multiple data sources, but they soon realised that the quality of existing data was a limiting factor. This led them to develop their own satellite technology to improve the quantity and quality of global weather data, especially in underserved regions.

Tomorrow.io's Satellite Constellation

Unlike traditional weather systems that rely on a patchwork of ground-based radars and stations, Tomorrow.io is deploying its own constellation of radar satellites that will provide comprehensive weather data coverage across the globe. This satellite network will offer high-resolution observations of the Earth’s surface, regardless of the presence of clouds or lack of daylight, which are significant limitations for optical and infrared sensors.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 224829

Tomorrow.io's first satellites Tomorrow-R1 and Tomorrow-R2 were launched successfully last year

These satellites are equipped with advanced radar technology capable of measuring precipitation, cloud structures, and even surface temperatures from space. This capability allows Tomorrow.io to provide accurate weather forecasts and real-time monitoring of weather conditions, filling critical gaps in existing meteorological data, particularly in remote areas like much of Australia.


How They Help Customers

Tomorrow.io’s approach is deeply customer-centric, focusing on how weather impacts businesses and daily life. They provide tailored solutions that translate complex weather data into actionable insights. Here’s how they help:

  • Risk Management: Tomorrow.io helps businesses anticipate and mitigate risks related to weather-related disruptions by providing precise weather forecasts.
  • Operational Efficiency: Real-time weather data allows companies to optimise operations, whether it’s scheduling construction, planning agricultural activities, or managing supply chain logistics.
  • Personalised Alerts: Tomorrow.io offers hyper-local weather alerts that can be customised for specific needs, helping to protect assets and ensure the safety of personnel and customers.

Why This News Is Exciting for Australian Businesses

The partnership between Early Warning Network and Tomorrow.io is a landmark for Australian businesses. For the first time, companies across Australia will have access to a level of weather prediction detail and accuracy previously unavailable. Just picture the vast and remote areas that vital freight routes need to pass through, currently without accurate forecasting.

shutterstock_2404367247Large parts of Australia are not covered by weather radar, leading to less forecasting data. This will change with the introduction of Tomorrow.io into Australia with EWN

The partnership of EWN and Tomorrow.io delivers a best-in-market combination of cutting-edge AI/model-based forecasts and local meteorological expertise.

The model forecasts from Tomorrow.io will provide frequently updating, actionable insights that will optimise efficiency and resilience in 90% of weather scenarios.

And then, for those 10% of extreme weather events (floods, severe thunderstorms, heatwaves, cold spells etc.) that inhabit either end of the bell curve, the meteorologist input from EWN “on the ground” will ensure our customers remain best prepared to protect life and property.

It is only through the combination of both of these inputs that the sweet spot of efficiency and safety will be optimised.

This partnership means businesses can:

  • Enhance Preparedness: With more accurate forecasts, businesses can better prepare for weather-related challenges, minimizing downtime and loss.
  • Improve Safety: Detailed weather data contributes to safer working conditions, especially in sectors like mining, agriculture, and transportation.
  • Drive Innovation: Access to advanced weather insights encourages innovation, allowing businesses to explore new opportunities and solutions that were not possible before.

Contact Us for More Information

We believe this partnership will set a new standard for weather technology in Australia, and we are excited to see how it will transform industries across the country.

For more information on how this partnership can benefit your business, check out our industry pages or contact us directly.

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