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Embargo Services

Our industry-leading embargo service provides the insurance industry with actionable, reliable data to enable quick and efficient change management - perfectly designed for the insurance industry


Intelligence you can count on

We are the most trusted insurance embargo alert service in Australia, providing timely and actionable warnings that you can rely on. With weather data confirmed by our in-house Meteorologists for enhanced accuracy, we reduce your potential losses from new insurance policies before a severe weather event.

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Unlock Operational Efficiency

In an industry where real-time insights can make the difference between significant losses and secured assets, our industry-leading embargo alert system offers unparalleled support to insurance companies.

Utilising extensive meteorological data, we provide immediate and pinpointed alerts for imminent severe weather events — down to the postcode and number of dwellings likely to be impacted. This enables insurance providers to swiftly implement temporary policy embargoes in the affected areas, effectively mitigating risks and ensuring asset protection.

Round the clock monitoring

Receive 24/7 support from our in-house team of Meteorologists, 365 days a year, who work to deliver real-time event updates.

Reduce staff time spent on making complex decisions manually, and the risk associated with it, by seamlessly integrating our API-driven solution into your existing workflows. Our team upgrade and downgrade all warnings, and clear all Embargo warnings once the threat is over.

  • 24/7 coverage, 365 days a year
  • Safeguard both your company and your policyholders with accurate, actionable data 

  • Enhance the accuracy of your embargo process and reduce unnecessary warnings and alert fatigue
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Our industry-leading embargo alert system offers unparalleled support to businesses, effectively mitigating risks and ensuring asset protection

The EWN Integration Advantage

Our embargo alerts are delivered seamlessly through a cutting-edge API, allowing your insurance company to access pinpointed and immediate alerts for imminent severe weather events. This integration is designed to be smooth and hassle-free, enabling your team to focus more on strategic responses and less on manual interventions.

By incorporating our advanced alerts into your operations, you empower your business to implement temporary insurance policy embargoes precisely where they’re needed, ensuring optimal risk mitigation and maximising policy sales even during severe weather occurrences. 

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