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We predict, track & analyse severe weather for our clients, empowering them to make informed decisions through accurate data and insights.

Who are we?

Since 2007, the Early Warning Network (EWN) has been dedicated to ensuring people and businesses have the tools they need to thrive despite climate challenges.

With an expanding portfolio of weather technology, we work with individuals, businesses and organisations to minimise risk against severe weather and natural hazards. Our actionable intelligence provides timely, accurate data and warnings that prevents potential loss or damage of equipment, assets and lives. EWN's people and technology are dedicated to safeguarding people and businesses from the unpredictable forces of nature.

What sets us apart? It's our dual approach. While our state-of-the-art systems offer real-time forecasting and alerting for impending events, we also provide an unparalleled historical data product that aids in understanding past events and forecasting future risks. At EWN, we don't just predict the weather; we empower businesses with weather intelligence.

Meet The Team

With strong company values of teamwork and respect, the EWN team collaborate across Australia and New Zealand, and are committed to solving climate challenges with our leading weather products, and partnering with some of the most trusted leaders in weather and climate technology. 

Kerry Plowright
CEO / Founder

Kerry is Early Warning Network's founder and Chief Executive Officer, founding the company in 2006. He has a rich history in technological projects and environmentalism, which he he brings to his business endeavours.

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James Harris
Chief Operating Officer

With a passion for storm chasing and severe weather, James has been with EWN since 2017, moving into the COO role in 2023. James has been key in building a strong team, strategic direction, and expanding EWN's reach. 

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Michael Bath
Operations Manager

Michael has been at EWN since its beginnings, building the GIS platform and early forecasting products. He heads the Operations team, and is a passionate storm chaser and photographer, with a talent for lightning photography.

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Matt Pearce
Head of Products & Partnerships

New Zealand native Matt joined EWN in 2023, bringing a wealth of leadership experience and meteorological knowledge to the team.
As Head of Products & Partnerships, he is a key part of EWN's successful growth and strategy.

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Accreditation and Professional Associations


EWN is proudly a Professional Members of Floodplain Management Australia, the peak national body for flood risk practitioners in Australia.



We are a member of the Underwriting Agencies Council, the representative organisation for Australian underwriting agencies.

UAC logo proud member hi res

The Early Warning Network is a part of the Aeeris Ltd group of companies (ASX: AER), specialising in the protection of people, property, infrastructure and business operations.  

EWN started providing weather alerts to a handful of clients in 2007. Today, we are at the forefront of Australia's severe weather forecasting, alerting and solutions.


EWN begins as a small private business that proactively sends severe weather alerts and warnings to customers, instead of the customer searching online.


Our GIS-based system is launched, alerting customers via multiple methods in seconds, to an accuracy of 1 meter. 


Bushfire Watch & Acts and Bushfire Emergency alerts are added to our alerting service. 

Council Flood alerts service is launched, providing rapid communication and sharing of flood forecasts and alerts to businesses and residents of LGAs.

2010 - 2011

Regional alerts and customised forecasts are made available utilising our severe weather specialist Meteorologists.

White Labelling of EWN alerts offered to organisations wishing to use the service for their staff or customers. Facebook and Twitter alert feeds are also released.


Rainfall alerts system is created and goes live providing rainfall data across Australia.

2013 - 2014

EWN launches the Situation Room allowing customers to view their own asset data over the top of forecast and observational weather data.

2015 - 2016

Major upgrade to GNIS to allow for new brands and customers to send their own alerts using the system, and the Situation Room changes its name to the GIS platform as part of an upgrade.


EWN releases its Lightning Network, providing one of the most accurate lightning monitoring and alerting systems in Australia. Wind Gust monitoring and alerting platform is also released.


New Zealand alerts introduced with a dedicated NZ team operating 24/7, providing alerts to one of NZ’s largest insurance companies.


River level alerts system goes live allowing EWN to provide alerts to clients when determined water levels are reached.


Hail service products introduced - an Australian first providing customers with the most accurate and complete hail service available in Australia.

EWN’s first Climate Risk platform introduced, focusing on short term physical climate risk using over 24 months of GIS data researched, verified, and added into the platform. This is an Australian first and provides the clearest short term physical climate risk possible.


EWN releases Climatics to the marketplace, our second climate risk platform featuring major upgrades and new reporting functionality.


EWN releases Radar-Derived Rainfall Alerts, Heatwave Alerts, Embargo Alerts automation, Tropical Cyclone Outlooks and Tropical Cyclone Reports. 

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