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Collaborating for Climate Resilience: Early Warning Network and Tomorrow.io

Changes in our climate are an ever-present reality, leading to more complex weather patterns and increasing the frequency of extreme weather events. The newly-announced partnership between Early Warning Network and Tomorrow.io aims to enhance Australia’s resilience to these climate-related challenges. 

Tomorrow-dashboardA snapshot of Tomorrow.io's Weather Resilience Platform, available in Australia through Early Warning Network


This collaboration is not just about technological innovation; it’s a commitment to safeguarding communities and ecosystems by providing precise, actionable weather forecasts.

Tomorrow.io's technology leverages massive data inputs from its own satellite constellation, ground sensors, and atmospheric science models to predict weather patterns with unprecedented accuracy. This capability allows us to:

  • Enhance Forecast Precision: Provide detailed forecasts that can pinpoint when and where extreme weather events will strike, giving communities more time to prepare.

  • Customise Climate Adaptation Strategies: Offer tailored insights that enable local governments and industries to develop specific strategies that address their unique vulnerabilities to climate change.

The direct benefits of our enhanced forecasting technology are clear:

  • Improved Emergency Response: Emergency services can mobilise more effectively with accurate, timely weather data, potentially saving lives and reducing the economic impact of disasters.

  • Infrastructure Protection: Detailed forecasts allow for better planning and protection of critical infrastructure, reducing the risk of catastrophic failures during extreme weather events.

  • Operational Efficiency: Businesses can make informed decisions about stock, delivery routes, staffing and preparations for emergencies, minimising operational downtime in spite of fluctuating weather conditions.


Our alliance with Tomorrow.io is built on a shared vision of innovation and service. By combining our team's expertise, proprietary alerting and local knowledge with Tomorrow.io’s revolutionary technologies, we are helping to enhance the capacity of Australians to manage and adapt to the impacts of severe weather. This partnership represents a pivotal step in our journey towards a more resilient Australia, where communities are equipped to face the challenges posed by an ever-changing climate.

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