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Understanding the Differences: EWN, Tomorrow.io and the Bureau of Meteorology

Nearly all people use weather forecasting every day, so it is important to understand the distinct roles and capabilities of different organisations. The Early Warning Network (EWN) and the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) both play crucial roles, but they serve different purposes. With our recent partnership with Tomorrow.io, we aim to clarify how our technology and services differ from those of the BoM.


The Bureau of Meteorolgy's homepage

The BoM is a vital service that provides general weather forecasts and severe weather warnings to the Australian public. Its mandate is to ensure public safety and inform the nation about weather conditions. Their forecasts are designed to cover broad regions and cater to a wide audience, ensuring that essential weather information is accessible to everyone.

Established in 1908, the BoM has a long history of offering reliable weather services and contributing significantly to public safety and awareness. Its primary responsibilities include:

General Weather Forecasts: Issuing daily weather forecasts for broad regions across Australia. These forecasts are designed to inform the general public about expected weather conditions, helping people plan their daily activities and stay safe.

Severe Weather Warnings: Issuing warnings for severe weather events such as cyclones, bushfires, floods, and storms. These warnings are crucial for public safety, providing timely information that helps communities prepare and respond to dangerous weather conditions.

Climate Monitoring and Research: Undertaking extensive research on climate patterns and trends, offering valuable insights into long-term climate changes and their potential impacts. This information is essential for government planning and policy-making related to environmental management and sustainability.

Public Education and Awareness: Playing a significant role in educating the public about weather phenomena and safety measures. Through various communication channels, they provide accessible information that enhances public understanding of weather-related risks.

Tomorrow.io rail dashboard showing rain across NSW

A dashboard example from Tomorrow.io


The Unique Capabilities of EWN and Tomorrow.io

While the role of the BoM is crucial, EWN, in partnership with Tomorrow.io, offers a different approach tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Our combined technology focuses on delivering precise, hyper-local, and actionable weather forecasts.

Customised Weather Services: Unlike general forecasts, we provide detailed and customised weather information that has been tailored to the specific needs of businesses. This means we can offer precise forecasts that help businesses plan and operate efficiently, regardless of weather conditions.

Hyper-Local Forecasting: Our technology allows us to deliver forecasts that are not just regional but pinpointed to exact locations. This hyper-local approach ensures that businesses receive the most relevant weather data for their specific operational areas.

Impact-Based Forecasting: We go beyond simply predicting the weather. Our forecasts include impact-based insights that help businesses understand how weather conditions will affect their operations. This enables proactive measures to minimise downtime and operational disruptions.

Operational Continuity: Our services are designed to keep businesses operational during severe weather events. By providing timely and actionable weather data, we help businesses maintain continuity and minimise weather-related risks.


Why Choose EWN and Tomorrow.io?

Businesses require precise, targeted, and actionable weather data to make informed decisions. Our partnership with Tomorrow.io enhances our ability to deliver these services, ensuring that businesses can stay ahead of the weather and maintain their operations seamlessly.

While the BoM provides essential weather services to the public, EWN and Tomorrow.io specialise in meeting businesses' unique demands. Our combined expertise ensures that businesses receive the most accurate and actionable weather information available.

We are not better than the BoM; we are different. Our focus is on providing the detailed, hyper-local forecasts and impact-based insights that businesses need to thrive, regardless of the weather.

For more information about our services and how we can help your business stay weather-resilient, please contact us.

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