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Display our daily weather forecast map directly on your systems using the EWN API

We give you access to our systems and display EWN data directly into your systems using the EWN API. Our API is available using either a Pull or Push service through JSON or XML methods.

EWN's API showcases a daily weather forecast map outlining significant weather, a 7-day outlook, and detailed hail forecasting. We provide data from our internal GIS Platform via API for Severe Weather and Natural Hazard Alerts across Australia, National EWN High Resolution (Volumetric) Radar across the Australian BOM radar network, Tropical Cyclone Tracking, Rain and River gauges and Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) Observations and give a rapid report through API outlining the area(s) where hail has been reported and the largest size measured.

These API’s are available for the following EWN Services:

  1. Forecasts, 
  2. Observations and 
  3. Post Event Reporting

Example of 7-day Weather Forecast Email

EWN API Example

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