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Amplifying National Recycling Week with Smart Forecasting

Today kicks off National Recycling Week, an initiative created by Planet Ark in 1996. While we often focus on the tangible aspects of recycling – reducing waste, reusing materials, and renewing resources – we need to also consider how the natural phenomena and weather events can affect these efforts. This year's theme is "What Goes Around Comes Around," a poignant reminder of the circular journey of our resources and the importance of recycling. At Early Warning Network, we see a parallel in the cyclical patterns of weather and its profound effect on these recycling endeavours. We understand that weather forecasting is a vital component of environmental stewardship.



Just as materials are repurposed and returned in the recycling process, weather patterns also move in cycles, influencing our environment and activities. Severe weather events, from gusty winds to torrential rains, can disrupt the recycling loop, scattering materials, contaminating clean recyclables and causing litter issues that harm wildlife and local ecosystems. Additionally, floods and storms may damage infrastructure, leading to delays in processing and increased carbon footprints as a result of clean-up efforts. Understanding these weather cycles through precise forecasting allows us to protect the recycling process, ensuring materials complete their journey responsibly. 

Our suite of weather forecasting and alerting tools offer precision and reliability, ensuring that recycling programs can be safeguarded against the unpredictable. For instance, our real-time alert system can provide advanced warnings to waste management & recycling centres, allowing them to prepare for incoming weather events. By integrating our data into their operational planning, these centres can ensure business continuity, even in the face of adverse weather conditions.

vivianne-lemay-drMdwoydMVI-unsplashRecycling centres can be adversely affected by severe weather (Photo by Vivianne Lemay on Unsplash)

We've seen the effectiveness of our approach with a range of businesses firsthand, giving us valuable insights into how weather forecasting is crucial for managing environmental sustainability. For instance, warehouses dealing with storage and transportation of recyclable materials have benefited from our precise weather alerts, allowing them to anticipate severe weather and protect protect their goods, minimise waste, and ensure a more efficient recycling process.

Our partnership with local government bodies has enabled them to prepare community-wide responses to severe weather, essential for protecting public recycling facilities and maintaining the cleanliness of communal spaces. Pre-emptive action, facilitated by our accurate forecasts, has prevented the spread of waste and preserved the integrity of collected recyclables during weather events.

These experiences highlight the versatility of our weather forecasting tools and underscore their potential application within the recycling sector. They serve as a testament to our commitment to supporting operations that contribute to environmental sustainability and circular economy principles.


shutterstock_1457376479Recycling and sustainability benefits everyone (Image: Shutterstock)

In the spirit of "What Goes Around Comes Around," we recognise that sustainability is a cycle that benefits everyone. Effective weather forecasting is an often-overlooked aspect of sustainability, ensuring that companies can maintain their green practices without interruption, and operate efficiently and sustainably.

To support National Recycling Week, we encourage businesses to:

  • Review and update their emergency and weather response plans.
  • Use weather forecasting tools to anticipate and prepare for severe weather.
  • Educate their staff on the importance of securing recyclables in anticipation of bad weather.
  • Consider the environment in all aspects of their business continuity planning.

National Recycling Week reminds us of our shared responsibility to the planet. Let's use this opportunity to reinforce our commitment to sustainability by embracing smart weather forecasting as part of our environmental strategy. For more information on how you can get involved, visit Planet Ark's website

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