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The Truth About Climate Intelligence For Managing Climate Risk

There is a growing problem in the Financial Services and Insurance Industry which highlights the need to invest in asset-level climate risk intelligence.  By not doing so, this act of negligence is putting trillions of dollars of physical assets at risk. 

"Climate Intelligence is business Intelligence for managing climate risk. Climate volatility has thrown us into a new era where Climate Intelligence needs to be integrated into all decisions. Organizations that fail to do so risk being blindsided by climate events such as the recent floods and fires in Australia, the droughts in Europe, and the winter freeze in Texas."

Iggy Bassi, Founder and CEO of Cervest

What Climate Intelligence Data Do Businesses Need?

Company leaders now need to build a comprehensive strategy in response to confronting weather threats affecting Australia and look to invest in the best tools money can buy. 

EWN's climate intelligence provides your business with access to readily available analytics for extreme weather events. This data empowers your business with all the intelligence needed to make informed decisions and assess their risk to regional scale changes in climate.

"With the emerging need for directors to include disclosing nature-related financial risks, together with best practice guidelines for disclosing climate-related financial risks, climate risk providers should be prepared to act now. EWN has the data that directors need to fulfil their duties."

Kerry Plowright, CEO of Early Warning Network

Australia's climate and the associated risk is changing for businesses. EWN's climate risk intelligence platform provides a means for quantifying your change in risk so your business can comfortably make decisions about current and future operations, purchases or mitigation strategies. If you're interested in learning more, contact us today for a climate intelligence demo.

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