Inside this platform is a location based, multi-channel communication and analytics engine. These blend together to provide users actionable intelligence (Decision Superiority) and responsive locational communications through multiple channels instantly.

The Geographic Notification Information System (GNIS) is all about location and communication. The system can send communications with an accuracy to less then one metre outdoors and 2 metres indoors right across Australia.

Adding users to the system is easy with either a CSV upload or API option available. Users are registered in the system with their name, email address, mobile number (optional for receiving SMS alerts), street address location and mobile phone linked (optional for receiving push notifications and allowing live tracking of the users location).

Users can send communications via multiple methods including:

GIS Method

Draw a polygon on the map or use a pre-formatted polygon and the GNIS will only send communication to users within the polygon boundary

Group Method

Choose a group you would like to message and have the message sent to all members instantly regardless of their location.

Targeted User Method

Choose a user and send messages directly to them regardless of their location

The GNIS is capable of sending each message through multiple channels including:

  • Email
  • Text to Voice (Landline)
  • API
  • SMS
  • Push Notifications
  • Upon a message being sent, the system provides a visible queue allowing users to view the live send details for the alert. Further information for each message is then historically stored including:

    • List of all users who received the alert including their most recent location mapped
    • Breakdown of delivery method
    • Full Alert Content
    • Statistics including Postcodes, Suburbs, LGA’s affected both in text and viewable on map

    Branding and pre-formatted templates are available for use within the system allowing you to customise and add content quickly and easily during time critical moments.

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