Custom Forecast Alerting

EWN provides customers who have unique risk issues relevant to their organisation with customised forecast alerts ensuring you are aware of any potential weather or hazards well before they happen. This is especially relevant for organisations where Bureau of Meteorology warning alert levels don’t match yours.

Upon receiving your risks and thresholds for weather events, we will customise and create a forecast alert and only issue the alert should a forecast event be detected. These can be sent out from either 1 to 7 days in advance depending on your requirements.

Our Meteorologists use the latest high resolution forecasting tools to issue these daily. EWN is unique from others whereby our forecasts are handmade and not computer-generated. This ensures we are not prone to errors causing major disruption to your organisation common with computer-generated forecasts.

Custom Forecast Alerts include:

  • Wind Speed
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Lightning
  • Or any other risks you have
  • Rainfall
  • Hail
  • Flooding
  • Dust

Custom Forecast alerts are sent by SMS with the actual forecast issued by email.

EWN can also provide 24/7 Meteorologist support for those times you wish to speak to someone.

4 Day Colour Coded Weather Forecast Example-Day 1

Sample Custom Forecast



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