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Enhance renewable energy operations 

Early Warning Network, coupled with Tomorrow.io, offers cutting-edge weather resilience solutions that are crucial for optimising operations in the renewable energy sector.

Our services support operators in managing the impacts of weather on renewable resources effectively, ensuring reliable and efficient energy production and storage while protecting assets.

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worth of damage was caused to just one solar farm during a Queensland hail event in 2022


of energy in the Australian grid will be produced by renewable sources by 2030, according to the Australian Government


weather risk to solar farms globally is severe weather, with hail, wind and thunderstorms the most dangerous

Protect costly assets from severe weather

The renewable energy sector in Australia faces challenges due to changing weather patterns and the need for robust infrastructure to support large-scale energy generation.

Early Warning Network clients will now have access to Tomorrow.io's ground-breaking satellite technology which will give full, real-time weather data insights, allowing operators to anticipate and react to weather disruptions, maintain optimal operations and contribute to a sustainable energy future.


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Solar and wind farm
Tomorrow.io renewables dashboard

Custom dashboards built for the industry


User-friendly dashboards with templates ready-made for the renewables sector protect your equipment from any weather event, and ensure operational consistency across sites and staff.

  • Use customised forecasting to anticipate and manage the impact of weather conditions on energy production and enhance the overall efficiency and safety of operations 
  • Monitor energy sites on one dashboard and avoid costly damage to your assets by planning in advance for severe weather risks 

  • Send automated alerts to your team when the weather exceeds any of your custom-set parameters – hail, lightning, wind, or any other weather that could impact energy generation or damage assets


Early Warning Network are the leaders in solar farm protection


With proven success in the solar industry, Early Warning Network use a proactive approach to enable timely precautionary measures for solar farm operators to minimise potential damage and downtime, ensuring that sites operate at peak performance even in adverse weather conditions.

Adding Tomorrow.io to our solar risk mitigation services further elevates the role we play in optimising operational efficiency and ensuring the safety of both equipment and personnel.


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