The Climate Risk Disclosure platform enables Australian business and government to quickly and effectively measure and report on ‘actual’ exposure to acute or chronic natural disasters and weather-related events.

Early Warning Network Pty Ltd (EWN) specialises in the mapping and spatial analysis of risk data. Specifically all natural hazards and weather-related events. This data calculates your risk.

EWN is Australia’s most experienced authority on the monitoring, mapping, alerting and reporting of extreme events.

The EWN Climate Risk Disclosure Platform employs the most comprehensive and unique library of event data going back to the 1800's, which is overlayed with the entire operational alerting history of EWN.


Import or geolocate your assets and operations within the dashboard OR import EWN data into your system


Press the report button and review impact, frequency and resilience to determine materiality


Review findings, determine any response and incorporate into financial statements



Import your data into our system, or import our spatial risk data into your system

'Actual' risk event data has been accurately mapped going back to the 1800's, and also includes current, real-time, impending and forecast events. Severity is categorised, tracked and spatialised - measuring hail size, wind, flooding and bushfire to name a few. This can then be cross referenced and analysed against your assets to report financial risk or operational vulnerabilities

Cyclone Event Data


The Climate Risk Disclosure Platform is a dynamic system that updates in real-time providing continuous analysis and risk disclosure

For more information contact Kerry Plowright: or Mob: 0403 147 197


Using List Analysis to Identify Climate Risk

Using List Analysis to Identify Climate Risk


Using Event Data to Identify Climate Risk

Using Event Data to Identify Climate Risk


Using Client Data to Identify Climate Risk

Using Client Data to Identify Climate Risk


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