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Harness hyperlocal data to optimise your fleet

Protect assets and drivers from dangerous weather with real-time insights and hyperlocal coverage of all your moving assets.

By leveraging precise weather forecasts and real-time alerts through the Tomorrow.io Resilience Platform, users can optimise route planning, reduce weather-related delays and disruptions, and enhance the overall safety and efficiency of their operations.

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Transport Dashboard


tonne kilometres of freight were moved by road in Australia in 2022-2023


Tomorrow.io was named as the #1 Most Innovative Logistics Company of 2024 by Fast Company


coverage of Australia by Tomorrow.io, giving you the full picture of weather for your employees regardless of location

Protect your drivers and your vehicles


In Australia, transport companies face unique challenges due to the country's vast and varied landscapes, often experiencing extreme weather conditions that can lead to vital road closures and disrupt operations.

By using Tomorrow.io's advanced Weather Resilience Platform,  companies can gain a significant advantage through high-resolution forecasts and real-time weather alerts which allow for proactive planning and response to adverse weather conditions. 

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Location Insights

Experience ease of use across platforms


User-friendly dashboards give your personnel visibility of your entire fleet on one page, ensuring all staff are acting from one single source of truth.

Tomorrow.io’s mobile app delivers a seamless platform experience to users on-the-go across Android and iOS devices via interactive maps, alerts, timelines and location insights. 

  • Identify vehicles that are at risk of severe weather  and alert drivers to ensure safety, minimise accidents and prevent delays
  • Gain complete situational awareness of granular weather incidents - no matter how small - across your entire fleet
  • Seamlessly connect telematics API & dash cam feeds for hyperlocal weather monitoring combined with real-time driver, truck and load information

Optimise operations and protect employees


Configure company-specific conditional rules to trigger automatic alerts and standardise response workflows across your oganisation for weather events.

Staff will remain aware of weather threats at all times, through clever system integrations and platforms.

  • Keep staff informed in real time, regardless of location, of threats from weather with automated alerts across platforms
  • Gale, the world’s first weather and climate generative AI, turns complex data into an easily digestible weather outlook and alerts containing personalised recommendations
  • Task Acknowledgement ensures fast visibility into staff actions, enhancing OH&S and operational procedures
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