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Tomorrow.io is Pioneering the Future of Global Weather Forecasting

More than 5 billion people across the globe live outside of weather radar coverage, meaning even the most basic forecasts are unavailable for many.

Last year, Tomorrow.io launched world's first commercial weather radar satellites in a bold step forward to revolutionise weather forecasting, and make forecasts available - globally. 

This development holds particular promise for Australia, especially its remote and underserved regions. Early Warning Network are proud to be bringing Tomorrow.io's world-first technology the entire country.



Tomorrow.io’s constellation has begun launching

The two Pathfinder Satellites launched last year - Tomorrow-R1 and Tomorrow-R2, are leading the way in improving global forecasting capabilities, enhancing weather data, and include capabilities for:

Full global coverage

<1 hour average revisit rate
 Near real-time precipitation measurements and 3D atmospheric profiles
Dramatic improvement in real-time weather forecasts, tropical cyclone warnings, and flood alerts

Unparalleled Precision


The Pathfinder Satellites already in operation are returning radar satellite data with unprecedented accuracy. 

Initial results show that Tomorrow.io's 1F system is 22-38% more accurate than general high-res models such as HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh forecast model).


Read more about the results >>

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