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Redefining Weather Resilience for Railroads

Satellite weather intelligence from Tomorrow.io keeps rail networks running smoothly and reduces risks of dangerous and costly derailments.

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of Australia's national freight task is transported by rail, with large areas outside of traditional forecasting capabilities


cost to the Australian economy from January 2022 flooding on rail between Crystal Brook and Kalgoorlie


network coverage by Tomorrow.io, increasing safety and minimising costly weather-related delays 

No more black spots

Australia's vast, unpopulated areas have traditionally meant a lack of robust weather monitoring infrastructure, leading to delayed or inaccurate weather forecasts and leaving critical rail corridors vulnerable to unexpected weather-related hazards.

By working with Tomorrow.io, Early Warning Network clients will now have access to ground-breaking satellite technology which will give full, real-time weather data insights into areas which were previously an unknown.


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Flooded road and railway

Network-Wide Insights


User-friendly dashboards give your personnel visibility of your entire network and assets on one page, ensuring all rail staff are acting from one single source of truth.

The Insights Dashboard tracks all of your tracks, trains, and schedules days in advance, and alerts you when any specific locations are at risk of weather.

  • Create custom dashboards, integrating all routes, stations and assets for a comprehensive picture of your operations
  • Automate decisions based on your custom weather thresholds and communicate instantly across your team.
  • Tomorrow.io’s interactive map helps you visualise any incoming weather risks and understand the impact across your entire rail network
Tomorrow.io rail dashboard showing rain across NSW

Optimise operations and protect employees


Configure company-specific conditional rules to trigger automatic alerts and standardise response workflows across your oganisation for weather events.

Staff will remain aware of weather threats at all times, through clever system integrations and platforms.

  • Keep staff informed in real time, regardless of location, of threats from weather with automated alerts across platforms
  • Gale, the world’s first weather and climate generative AI, turns complex data into an easily digestible weather outlook and alerts containing personalised recommendations
  • Task Acknowledgement ensures fast visibility into staff actions, enhancing OH&S and operational procedures
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