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What is Tomorrow.io?

Tomorrow.io is a weather resilience platform that stands out due to its advanced approach to weather forecasting and climate analysis.

This platform is particularly recognised for its use of proprietary technology to provide highly detailed and actionable weather insights that can be tailored to the specific needs of businesses and individuals.

Early Warning Network is proud to be the first in Australia to partner with the company, bringing the future of weather technology to our clients. 


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Tomorrow.io rail dashboard showing rain across NSW

Dashboards created for your business needs

  • Highly customisable solutions to cater to the specific operational needs of various industries means that users can receive weather data that is directly relevant to their operational needs.
  • Designed to be integrated with other business systems, allowing for automated responses to weather changes. For example, it can trigger alerts and actions in real-time, such as rerouting ships or adjusting flight schedules to avoid bad weather.

  • The user-friendly interface can be accessed by both technical and non-technical users. This makes it easier for various stakeholders within an organisation to interpret and utilise weather data effectively.

Tomorrow.io's Satellites will revolutionise weather forecasting


The company has launched radar technology, now actively operational on their Pathfinder satellites, which is providing unparalleled global precipitation coverage. 

This will particularly help Australians living in rural or remote regions, where there is currently minimal weather radar coverage. 

Tomorrow.io using satellite imagery in world first

Customise your insights with industry solutions

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