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Weather resilience for Government of all sizes

With nearly 20 years servicing Australia, Early Warning Network has a strong history of working closely with Government Agencies. We are proud to bring Tomorrow.io's cutting-edge weather and climate security solutions, powered by proprietary weather intelligence, to Australia.

Suited to Global Early Warning Systems, Civil Federal Government, National Security and Defence, and State and Local Government.

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Australians were hospitalised for injuries from extreme weather from 2012-22


was paid in the 22-23 financial year to support individuals and communities impacted by natural disasters

1 in 10

Australians have had to move temporarily or permanently from their homes due to an extreme weather event

Mitigate weather risk and protect lives

Australians are no stranger to severe, and dangerous weather events. Residents look to Government to help, but many councils and government departments still rely on outdated and generalised weather forecasting. 

Tomorrow.io’s weather resilience platform provides early warning and decision support to help cities, countries, and states protect assets and infrastructure, ensure public safety, and manage their growing weather and climate challenges.

Real-time and world's best technology ensures that you are acting on precise information and actual events, meaning that you can trust you are providing accurate information to those who need it.


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Maximise preparedness from One Central Location


Trusted by Government at all levels, the all-in-one weather dashboard, Weather API, and cloud-native modelling capabilities of Tomorrow.io help to meet the challenges of increasingly extreme weather and climate.

By using the platform's customised dashboards, the monitoring of weather impacts across various regions is simplified. The unified view enhances the ability to coordinate emergency responses, plan public works, and manage resources efficiently during extreme weather events like floods, bushfires, or cyclones, ensuring timely and informed decision-making for public safety and infrastructure resilience.

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