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Power and protect energy operations 

Early Warning Network, coupled with Tomorrow.io, offers cutting-edge weather resilience solutions to power your energy operations.

Our services support operators in managing the impacts of weather on energy output and resources effectively, ensuring reliable and efficient energy production while protecting assets.

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increase in energy is expected in bushfire season, particularly due to the use of electric pumps for firefighting, air conditioners and air purifiers


increases in sudden surges of power usage can be expected when thunderstorms create dark conditions in populated areas


people experienced a state-wide power outage in South Australia in 2016 due to a supercell thunderstorm, lasting several days in many areas

See the immediate impact of the weather – at every location


Severe weather directly affects the energy industry, from increased pressures on grids to outages from asset damage.

Early Warning Network clients can now access Tomorrow.io's ground-breaking satellite technology, which provides complete, real-time weather data insights, allowing operators to anticipate and react to weather disruptions and maintain optimal operations while keeping personnel safe.


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Custom dashboards built for the industry


User-friendly dashboards with templates ready-made for the renewables sector protect your equipment from any weather event, and ensure operational consistency across sites and staff.

  • Use customised forecasting to anticipate and manage the impact of weather conditions on energy production and enhance the overall efficiency and safety of operations 
  • Monitor energy sites on one dashboard and avoid costly damage to your assets by planning in advance for severe weather risks 

  • Send automated alerts to your team when the weather exceeds any of your custom-set parameters – hail, lightning, wind, or any other weather that could impact energy generation or damage assets


Immediately alert your team of upcoming weather risks 


Displaying over 30+ different weather and air quality parameters, Tomorrow.io’s interactive map helps you visualise any incoming weather risks and understand the impact on your assets at any given location.


Send out automated alerts across your organisation when the weather exceeds any of your custom-set parameters – high heat, lightning, extreme cold, wind, or any other weather that impacts safety and energy output.


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