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Everything you need to know about our climate risk services fcoused on mitigating risk. The Early Warning Network Pty Ltd (EWN) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aeeris Limited (ASX:AER).  

EWN can provide valuable, real data that provides business precision insights into climate risks. This is the sort of information that a business can utilise to not only provide a report to shareholders that has a real substance surrounding weather patterns that coils await in coming decades, but also offer cutting-edge analysis concerning what's set up to happen in the immediate years ahead.


With EWN there's access to data that can detail the number of cyclones likely to occur in an area, as well as other significant weather events. We can quantify weather risks forecast for 5, 10, 15 years into the future.

Businesses who utilise EWN equip themselves with a toolkit to build climate risk resiliency into their operations.

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    EWN is Australia’s most experienced alerts operator, monitoring and mapping threats for government, the public and business.

    Our mission is to protect people, property and business operations from all-natural hazards including physical and chronic climate risks.

    EWN is the only weather and risk business to maintain a round-the-clock 24HR operational team supported by specialised monitoring and spatial technology teams and systems.

    In April 2022 we launched Climatics - the most comprehensive database of historical hazards and warnings that provides the foundation of identifying changes in hazard intensity, frequency, and duration at any location in Australia since 1985.

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