Worker Zone Management

Our Worker Zone Management system is an add-on feature to the GIS Platform providing enterprise level capability to immediately identify, communicate and ensure the safety of your workforce from severe weather threats and natural hazards.

Perfect for those with large and widely distributed workforces across Australia, we work with you to understand and map your zones into the system adding staff to the relevant zones they work in. Upon a Severe Weather event or Natural Hazard being detected through the system (24/7 automatic updates), the warning polygon area is displayed on the map on top of your zones allowing you to choose and change the status of any zone.

Once a zone status is changed, the system will send an email and SMS message instantly to those attached to those zones advising of the change and further instructions on what to do next.

The zones in the system are colour coded as follows for easy visual indication of their status:

Unrestricted access (default status)
Proceed with caution
Restricted access on a need only basis
Danger - keep out

Severe Weather and Natural Hazard Warning Alert data is sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology, Australian Tsunami Warning Centre and Fire agencies from each state and territory and includes the following Alerts:

  • Severe Thunderstorm warnings
  • Fire weather warnings
  • Severe Weather warnings
  • Bushfire watch & act
  • Tropical Cyclone watches and warnings
  • Fire weather warnings
  • Tsunami warnings

With the GIS Platform and additional Worker Zone Management add-on, you’re providing the best protection for your staff across Australia.


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