Spring has sprung, which means storm season now upon us

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Tomorrow, Tuesday 1st September marks the start of spring across Australia, which means we are now officially entering our storm season.

Australia is currently on La Nina alert, with a 70% chance of a La Nina developing over the next few months, which may bring the prospect of flooding rains, increased tropical cyclone activity and the potential for severe thunderstorms to develop.

Image 1: La Nina Alert. Image via Bureau of Meteorology

La Nina Alert

Now is the time to ask, are you prepared for a natural disaster should one eventuate? You still have time to prepare, and here are a few tips to help for the upcoming storm season.

Have an emergency plan for yourself and any pets, emergency contact numbers, evacuations points, areas of the house to take shelter (underground, an inner room or bathroom is best).

Prepare an emergency kit for the worst-case scenario. Emergency kits should contain the following: Three (3) days of non-perishable food, portable radio, spare batteries for a torch, radio and mobile phone, essential medication, phone charger, gloves, fresh water for three (3) days, toiletries, water proof bags, first aid kid and any important documents.

Image 2: Emergency prepared kit

Emergency prepared kit

When preparing your house, clean out gutters for any debris, tie down loose objects that may become flying missiles during severe weather events eg: trampolines, garden furniture and toys, cut down large or over hanging trees and branches that may be able to come down onto your roof during a severe weather event, disconnect electrical appliances, store cars under cover where possible (not under trees), pay attention and heed all warnings from the Bureau of Meteorology and take shelter in the strongest parts of the house, usually a bathroom or interior room and stay away from windows.

These may seem like extreme measures, however on the day that severe weather does strike, they may just be life saving for you and your family.


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