Everything you need to meet Government Legislation reporting requirements on climate risks to people, assets and services within your businesses.

EWN can provide valuable, real data that provides business precision insights into climate risks. This is the sort of information that a business can utilise to not only provide a report to shareholders that has a real substance surrounding weather patterns that coils await in coming decades, but also offer cutting-edge analysis concerning what's set up to happen in the immediate years ahead.


With EWN there's access to data that can detail the number of cyclones likely to occur in an area, as well as other significant weather events. We can quantify weather risks forecast for 5, 10, 15 years into the future.

Businesses who utilise EWN equip themselves with a toolkit to build climate risk resiliency into their operations.

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    Climate risk support from climate intelligence provides an alternative approach to identifying a businesses physical risk in line with the 2017 TCFD recommendations.

    Using historical event data of natural hazards and statistical assessments to quantify probabilities out to 2040, future climate risk disclosures can account for acute hazards at a regional level where climate models can not.

    EWN's climate risk support platform provides a way for businesses to identify potential hazards, quantify the future risk and compare to what that risk was in the past. Analysis is available on a wide variety of hazards and severities ensuring your climate risk disclosure report covers all aspects of your physical risk .


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